Anime Boston

Well, that was fun.

It’s been about a week since I got back home from the Con and I’m just now wrapping up my photo-processing. The con itself was fun as usual, though I managed to catch something, so I’ve been kinda sick this week, which has slowed my work down a little bit. I’m working on an image gallery for this site, but for now, I took the path of least resistance and got a Flikr account.

Check the photostream here:

It’s got most of the pictures on it. I also did my first full cosplay photoshoot while I was at the con, and I got some pretty nice shots. I’m almost done processing those and they will be updated tomorrow.

I have less pictures than last year, but with good reason, I managed to snag a last minute table at the Artists Alley, and spent a great deal of the con sitting behind it. Behold:AA table

While I was selling pins, I managed to hand out my cards to a few people, so if any of you are reading this now, welcome!




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