So, you’ve stumbled across my humble little corner of the internet. Welcome.

My name is Malcolm Jones. I might call myself an “Artist,” though that invokes an image of a someone like a painter or sculptor, and that image hardly fits me. It might be more accurate to call myself a “designer” though that also shifts expectations in the wrong direction.

… Really, I’m just someone who likes creating things. I dabble in a wide variety of creative hobbies. I create posters, pins, t-shirts or anything else you can slap a picture on. I write music and stories, take photographs, do metalwork and jewelry crafting, create video games, and whatever other side projects I think up while procrastinating from chores.

Over the years, I’ve been picking up skills related to those areas, and I think it’s about time for me to start putting these skills to good use.

I made “Radiant Cadenza Studios” as a means to showcase my current and future work online. “Cadenza” is a term which comes from from classical music, referring to a  showy solo passage in which a solo instrumentalist has an entire orchestra as accompaniment. thus “Radiant Cadenza” would refer to a particularly amazing cadenza, which I must admit, is a pretty pretentious phrase  for an aspiring musician to refer to themselves as. Still, “Radiant” also refers to light, such the flash of a camera, or the screen that would inevitably be involved in my digital work, so it does allude to the audio-visual multimedia work that I aim to do. And I like the “Cadenza” part, because while I aim to be independently minded and do stand-out work as a “soloist” A cadenza only works well with the orchestral accompaniment, so it acknowledges the help I get from friends and partners. And as cheesy as it is, the help, ideas and feedback I get from friends is vital to make my work what it is.