Mixed Genre Soundtrack Composing for Video Games, Film, and Interactive Media:

We produce original electronic music for soundtracks that mix various genres of music. Radiant Cadenza Studios specializes in music for video games and interactive media and can produce music to the specifications needed for specific game engines or to any other such requirements. Naturally, our music is also available for licensing for just about any other purpose as well. Please contact us for more information about commercial licensing for music, or for custom music made just for you. All rates/quotes are custom negotiated based on the client’s needs.

About Non-Commercial use: Free and Royalty Free licenses are available for non-commercial and small indie projects, such as school projects and indie games or films, but please ask for permission before simply using Radiant Cadenza Studios music for such projects. The music may already be licensed exclusively or registered with a  P.R.O., so if you check with us first, we can ensure the piece you’re using is actually safe to use. 

Currently Featured Pieces:

 Distorted Desert:

An Alternative/World song using Yahama’s VOCALOID singing synthesis software with Zero-G’s Avanna voicebank.


Symphony of the Bells:

A modern orchestral arrangement of “Carol of the Bells” using wine glasses as the primary instrument.


Wooden Temple:

A short piece intended to be looped and used in a video game, created with a “forest temple” or jungle themed area in mind.


A full music catalog is coming soon, but for now, you can listen to more music at Soundcloud.