Meet the mascot!

So, in case anyone was wondering about that character who keeps showing up in my promo materials and that rotating banner at the top of this web-page, that’s Maya, the Radiant Cadenza Studio’s mascot. All the ‘cool’ companies were doing it, so I caved into peer pressure and got a mascot of my own.  Since I’m a huge nerd, her design takes on a lot of the characteristics of Japanese video game and anime characters. Here’s some pictures and references from a few different artists:


She usually shows up as a cameo in most of my games. In those, her personality is that of a strong-willed, blunt, straightforward, slacker. Her special ability is to make portals between worlds, thus justifying her appearance in all those random video game universes. She can also use this power to summon items from other worlds, but it won’t work for specific rare or legendary items, and works much more easily on things that are trash or won’t be missed when they disappear from their original location. So when shown to fight, she usually summons random scrap weapons like rusted up swords or broken guns, or even random everyday furniture and other items. She has a basic level of knowledge in how to play pretty much any musical instrument and most kinds of machines, tools and weapons, but is not an expert or master at any of them. Her pet peeve is when people waste their skills and talents without doing anything useful with them.

Part of her design inspiration comes from the Vocaloid CV series; As such she has a variety of different outfits, but most of them follow a similar Black, White and Orange color scheme to her main outfit and also tend to have asymmetrical designs or details. Her hair is medium length jagged/shaggy layers with black and white highlights. (note that it’s Black and White with very little actual grey in her design) Her height is 6’6” or  just about 2 meters, A.K.A. pretty damn tall, and her eyes are orange.

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