Hello, World!

Obligatory “This is my first post” post:

Hello internet! This is “Radiant Cadenza Studios,” a website that I will be using to showcase some personal projects of mine. I am a photographer, writer, game designer and aspiring composer, among other things. So there should be a wide variety of things going through this site. Hopefully some of these projects will branch out, grow and take on a life of their own.

I’ve been using “Radiant Cadenza” as a screen-name for quite a while now, and I often get asked what it means.

“Cadenza” is a classical music term, referring to a section of a concerto lead by a soloist being accompanied by the rest of the orchestra. “Radiant Cadenza” then, could refer to a particularly amazing cadenza, which I must admit is a little pretentious for a personal title, especially for a musician. Really, it refers more to my ideals: I want to do stand-out work as an independent “soloist,” but the soloist still needs the orchestra for the cadenza to work, so it’s a kind of a way of acknowledging that I take my ideas from as wide a variety of areas as possible and get a lot of help and input from friends and partners, making my work an “orchestral harmony of many instruments,” if you will. … Okay, so it’s REALLY pretentious for a name.

Still “Radiant” also refers to light, such as the flash on my camera or the LCD screens that constantly come into use with my digital work. So “Radiant Cadenza” is very reflective of the audio-visual multimedia work that I like to do.

But I hope that explanation might also give you a little hint of what you might be able to expect from me in the future.

As I’m sure you can tell from the sparseness, this website is still very much a work in progress. I’ve decided to adopt a “build as I go” strategy and add more features as I need them. New content should be added in over the next few weeks.

‘Till then.

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