Now announcing a New Game!

The is the project I’ve spent the last month or so on while I’ve been saving up the cash to start printing the first batch of Geekigrams Cards. Even though I’m just now announcing it, I’m actually going to have to put development on this project on hiatus until June 30th, because I’m working on an entirely different project (Which I will also announce within the next week or so) but I’ve been itching to tell people about this one, so here it is:


To sum out the game in one [rather long, I admit] sentence: Cosplay Gladiators is a Role-Playing Game taking place at an Anime Convention in which you choose one of 7 possible character classes and build a team from over 100 possible recruit-able characters to win a fighting tournament filled with participants who are inspired by a multitude of anime, comics, movies, video games and other bits of pop culture. 

The whole concept of the game was inspired by the “Cosplay Deathmatch” Event at Connecticon. The game Cosplay Gladiators takes place at a fictional Anime Convention held in the near future, where you participate in a tournament similar to the cosplay deathmatch, but with a turn based combat system inspired by classic RPGs. Appealing to the audience will give you special boosts (The Enemy VS Party gauges in the battle screenshots are for audience approval) but unlike the event the game is based off of, audience approval isn’t the sole factor determining the winner, but whoever has the most Health Points remaining at the end of the battle.

The game is also meant to recreate the general feel of attending a pop culture convention, and there will be various panels and activities you can participate in, some of which will help you earn items, learn skills, and recruit more people for your team to power you up for the combat portion of the game.

I’ll go into some more details as the project gets further into development, but this should give you a pretty good idea of what sort of game this will be.

Ah yes, I almost forgot the most important detail: This one will be FREE.

It’s just a little non-commercial side-project of mine. I’m expecting it to be done, or at least mostly done by around the end of August. I should hopefully have a playable demo in July, probably right around this Year’s Connecticon, funnily enough.

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